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Canadian Power Solutions (CPS) was established in 1999 with the aim of taking a very distinguished role in the fields of Electrical Power Solutions, Renewable Energies, power protections, Electronic monitoring and Control systems.

CPS is a world-class company, and one of the largest trading companies of high capabilities to represent major suppliers, qualified and approved vendors for supplying overseas users with components and original spare parts that cover a variety of power equipments including thermal power stations.

Our long combined modern experience in international business affairs enable us to represent leading manufacturing companies and be positioned as an exclusive supplier of stock and spare parts.

Our global services include a diverse range of power-related products such as advanced materials, components, devices, equipment, networks, and services. Such broad expertise allows CPS to integrate the full range of processes - from development and production to sales and logistics - within a single product line. This efficient utilization of corporate resources generates group-wide synergies that yield products of superior performance, functionality, and value. Each product-line management team aggressively develops new products and markets by integrating technologies that address emerging trends. We practice the "Customer-First Principle" in order to ensure new value through total customer satisfaction in terms of price, quality, service, and delivery.

We have relyed on several main OEM manufacturers, that have high quality products and demonstrated capabilities and being among the leaders in international suppliers for diverse components crucial to the operation of gas-fired and coal-fired turbines, accessories, generator spares, auxiliary equipment, accessories filters for turbine and generators, fuel systems, gaskets, transducers, pumps, and valves. Hence, we are able to meet the necessary requirements of our diverse clients.

CPS offers the most competitive prices and delivery package of OEM vendor parts due to our lower overhead that could not be matched by our closest competitors. 

CPS has a 24/7 support via phone, fax, and E-mail in order to respond to all of your inquiries covering replacement parts required for various power plants.

CPS will improve your investment, business, and development by ensuring that power is available for the customer around the clock.

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